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How To Turn Your Home 
 Into A Fortress!

The Definitive Guide To Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe From Felons, Blood Thirsty Thieves, and Roving Bands Of Looters

Dear Concerned American,

Has the world gone insane? Thugs use social media to arrange flash mobs to rob and beat unsuspecting citizens. Looters move through communities stricken by hurricanes and tornados, boldly carting away valuables that don't belong to them. In places like Flint, Michigan, El Paso, Texas, St. Louis, Missouri, and hundreds of other towns and cities across the nation, people dare not go out at night.

There's no way to whitewash it: we're at a grim place in our nation's history.

Things are bad... and they are not getting better any time soon.

Eight out of ten Americans, according to a recent poll, believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. The housing crisis and the unemployment landscape are bad enough. But that's only the beginning of the downward spiral.

But as more and more people lose their jobs... as more homes go into foreclosure ... as the government takes on more and more debt it cannot repay ... it sets into motion a cascade of events that jeopardize the safety and lives of every American in what should be their safest haven – their homes.

What are these trends that comprise the 'perfect storm' for crime and plunder?

Trend #1: Crime Skyrockets As The Economy Plummets

As unemployment goes up, so does crime.

The historical record has proven this repeatedly ... and most of us have experienced this phenomenon at some point in our lifetime. During the economic crisis of the 1970's, for instance, neighborhoods were abandoned, schools began failing, and crime went up, up, up. It happened again in 1987: the stock market crashed, crime exploded, and cities like New York hit record numbers of murders.

And it's happening again today. While the 'official' rate of unemployment hovers in the 9% range, the true rate of unemployment is close to depression-era levels. More than one out of five people seeking work simply can't find it, pushing the real unemployment rate to 22%. That's almost as high as it was during the Great Depression, when unemployment levels hit 25%.

By the way, the depression era has been romanticized as a time when people were poor, but crime was low. But history records a different story: crime rose in the 1930's right along with the unemployment rate.

Today, you're in more danger than ever before of becoming a victim of a crime. Step outside your home and count two houses to your left. Now count two houses to your right. Between you and your four neighbors, chances are that at least one of the five households will experience a break-in... or worse, a home invasion.

"One out of every five homes will experience a burglary or home invasion"

Every year, there are over 8,000 home invasions in North America. There's probably nothing more terrifying than a home invasion. Ask anyone whose home has ever been robbed what if feels like, and they'll say it feels like they were violated. Sadly, that's not just a metaphor–all too often, it's literal. Because not only do criminals violate what should be your sanctuary from the world and walk away with your valuables, they also brazenly commit assault and rape while they are in your home. Six out of every ten rapes occurs during a home invasion, as do almost four out of every ten assaults.

And it's only getting worse. Now that the economy has tanked, police departments across the country report home invasions, burglaries, and robberies are up even more.

Wouldn't you like to stack the odds in your favor? Of course you would! We'll reveal how you can do that in a moment. But first, it's vital that you're also aware of...

Trend #2: Broke Governments Mean Broken Law Enforcement

Your government is broke.

Now that it's official, nobody can deny it any longer. For the first time in history, the federal government had its creditworthiness downgraded because spending and borrowing is out of control. And although it's a case of too little, too late, cuts in federal programs are having reverberations all the way down to the local level.

But don't bother looking to your state for help. Many states are broke, too. In July of 2011, for instance, the state of Minnesota shut down for three weeks because lawmakers couldn't agree on a solution to that state's budget crisis. Illinois, Connecticut, California, New Jersey, and New York are also in extremely bad shape—and they're looking to cut wherever they can.

When states, counties, cities, and town struggle to make ends meet, public services are first on the chopping block. And that means police departments.

"As state and local governments are cutting hundreds of police jobs across the country, criminals are getting more brazen than ever before."

In Ashtabula County, Ohio these days, a single patrol car is on duty for the entire county at any one time. Judge Alfred Mackey issued a warning to county residents that may soon prove prophetic for Americans no matter where they live:

'Arm yourselves, be very careful, and vigilant. We're going to have to look after each other.'

Law enforcement cutbacks are mounting up across the country. In 2011 alone:

  • The city of Camden, New Jersey (which boasts the second highest number of active FBI crime investigations in the country) laid off 168 police officers—almost half the force—in January.
  • Boston gave the pink slip to 78 police officers.
  • With California's prisons overcrowded due to tight budgets, the courts have ordered the state to release over 30,000 criminals back into the community.
  • In July, the town of Alto, Texas furloughed its entire police department for at least six months due to budget cuts. Now that emergency calls go to the county Sheriff's department instead, response time is up from a prompt 3 minutes to a lengthy quarter of an hour.
  • In June, the Cleveland, Ohio police department swore in 42 officers who had just graduated from the local police academy. Moments after the ceremony, they were laid off due to budget cuts.
  • In order to save $9 million, the northern Las Vegas police department cut 83 police jobs.
  • The U.S. Department of Justice cut $52 million from a program that provided funds to small-town police departments for personnel. The cuts mean hundreds fewer law enforcement officer positions will be funded.
  • Santa Rosa, California is now charging a $48 annual 'subscription fee' for 911 service... or $350 per incident responded to.
  • In Oakland, California, the city is so strapped for cash and the police department so shorthanded – the force was cut by 80 officers – that the police department will no longer be able to respond to crimes involving identity theft, burglary, vandalism, grand theft, and auto accidents.
  • The remaining skeleton crew of police officers left has a harder job than ever before. And that's because...

Trend #3: There's No Such Thing As 'Right' 

Or 'Wrong' Anymore

Today, the moral fabric of society is torn and tattered. Only three people out of ten believe that there are absolute moral truths. That means seven out of ten people will act on their feelings – or fears – at any given moment.

That's precisely what happened in the summer of 2011 during the riots in London, England. 'The British are now in great fear of their own arrogant, knife-wielding children,' said one British commentator in the British press. A peaceful protest turned violent on August 6, and for four nights, riots spread across London and to other cities in England. Arson and looting was rampant. Police efforts to bring the riots under control were ineffective.

While a police shooting of a young man was the spark that ignited the lawlessness, it was the amorality of the rioters that fueled the chaos for days. A class of purposeless, underemployed youth with an entitlement mentality decided that stealing and looting was an acceptable way to protest. They thought it was 'fun.'

In the United States, we see similar crimes becoming a part of our everyday culture. Bored young people use Facebook and Twitter to organize impromptu crime sprees. Flash mobs converge in stores as the mobsters brazenly steal goods from shop shelves. Unruly crowds of thugs move through crowded public spaces, robbing and beating innocent shoppers, diners, and bystanders.

It doesn't always happen somewhere else. In fact, chances are...

It's Already Happening In A Neighborhood Near You

A quick look at the headlines reveals that theft, looting, and worse, is everywhere these days:

  • A Florida family was recently terrorized by robbers who pistol whipped a mother and grandmother, placed duct tape over their mouths and the mouth of an infant, and fled with valuables from the home.
  • Copper thieves recently targeted homes in the Washington, D.C. commuter towns of Dale City and Woodbridge, Virginia, expertly locating and sawing off copper piping near hot water heater tanks. To obtain $500 worth of copper, the thieves sometimes caused up to $10,000 worth of damage.
  • Residents who evacuated to escape Hurricane Irene returned to their Atlantic City, New Jersey homes to find them ransacked, with thousands of dollars of property missing.
  • In Baltimore, Maryland, thieves impersonating police officers went house to house, robbing the victims of their valuables.
  • Survivors of the spring, 2011 tornados in Mississippi and Alabama returned to their homes only to find them looted, their valuables gone.
  • In Phoenix, Arizona, three armed intruders broke into a home seeking valuables, leaving the homeowner fighting for his life after being shot in the neck.

We could spend, literally, hundreds and hundreds of pages listing crimes like these that have occurred in just the past few weeks. But I think you'll agree that our time would be better spent on solutions... and I'll get to that in just a moment.

Many Americans are overextended, underemployed, and broke... the government is broke, too, and thus police departments are short-staffed... and without a firm moral compass to keep their consciences in check, desperate people are turning to crime.

What can you do to protest your home and family from this massive crime wave? In fact, can you protect them? The answer is yes – as long as you come to terms with this important truth:

The Standard Advice For Protecting Your Home 

Is As Outdated As A Black And White Rerun

Of Leave It To Beaver.

'Keep your doors locked.'... 'Display a sticker from your alarm company to discourage break-ins.' As well meaning as this advice is, it's also sadly outdated... and unless you put 21st century measures in place, your home is an easy target for thugs and criminals.

For instance, take the advice about locking your doors. Sounds sensible... except that typical door locks just don't protect you the way they should.

A phenomenon known as 'lock bumping' is on the rise. It's a little-known technique that's fast, simple, and discreet... and it draws far less attention than, say, kicking a door in or breaking a window. (Although criminals won't hesitate to break through doors and windows if you have what they want.) If your door lock is one of the more popular brands or models, you're most vulnerable to lock bumping by unscrupulous thieves.

Of course, lock bumping isn't the only thing you have to worry about when it comes to securing your home. These days, keeping brazen criminals away takes lots of savvy and plenty of careful preparation.

"“Lock bumping” enables burglars to break into homes quickly and easily."

Your Home, Your Fortress:
 How To Make Any House Into 
 Your Own Fort Knox 

This newly released book reveals everything you need to know to keep your home and family safe. Take the matter of door security, for instance: Your Home, Your Fortress goes far beyond the standard advice to reveal:

  • The part of your home where two out of three break-ins occur... and how to thwart them
  • Add more of this to your home and you'll practically repel criminals
  • The landscaping technique that actively discourages burglars
  • The invisible 'shield' that makes it virtually impossible for thugs to kick your door in

Crime fluctuates from year to year, season to season, even week to week... but if you think the crime rate is 'random,' think again. The state of the nation is inextricably linked to crime... and unlike other books on home protection, Your Home, Your Fortress addresses the socio-political phases that progressively threaten the safety of you and your home. There are four distinct phases in crime trends, and Your Home, Your Fortress reveals each of them... and shows you, step by step, how to prepare for each one.

Phase 1: High Crime Waves In Locations That Are Economically Depressed 

Many areas of the nation are smack in the middle of Phase 1 conditions right now.

Take Stockton, California, for instance. According to U.S. News & World Report, Stockton is one of the nation's most dangerous cities. You could call it the 'poster child' for the phase 1 threat that's sweeping the nation. With a high violent crime rate, the median income is 9% below the national average... and its stated unemployment rate is a whopping 18.4%. (probably closer to 30%) Some segments of this city's population are struggling to get by and hungry for cash—and they don't care if it's your cash.

Watch your back in Rockford, Illinois. With an even higher violent crime rate than Stockton, its median income is 26% below the national average, while its stated unemployment rate is over 13%. (probably closer to 25%) If you live in Rockford and have something that someone else wants, just locking your doors at night may not be enough.

Be extra cautious in Memphis, Tennessee – high crime rate, median wages at a dismal 32% below average, and an unemployment rate heading towards the danger zone. And then there's the Michigan corridor, from Detroit to Flint. With unemployment high and the median wage barely half of the national average, these cities are festering crime incubators.

But these cities are simply canaries in the national coalmine, serving as bleak warnings for what lies ahead for more and more communities across the nation. Could your city or town be next? And more importantly, are you be ready for what's coming?

If your community is experiencing Phase 1 conditions, there are simple, practical steps you can take to protect your home and family. (In fact, you should take these steps even if even if the crime stats don't occupy the evening news in your home town... as, it's now becoming politically incorrect to report the real crime numbers.) Pay close attention, fasten your seat beats and expect turbulence as the dark side of humanity is unleashed.

Your Home, Your Fortress reveals:

  • Why you should never use the warning sticker provided by your security system company
  • The two common lock types that almost anyone can break into
  • What never to leave out in your yard (it makes it too easy for intruders to enter your home)
  • 9 basic self-defense items every household should have
  • How to create an inconspicuous 'panic room' in your home – even if you're a renter
  • Five items that will enable you to create hiding places for your weapons almost anywhere

In today's brewing nationwide depression, however, it won't stop at Phase 1 conditions. With the unraveling of the economy, it's a fast downward slide from Phase 1 conditions right into Phase 2.

Phase 2: Communities Where Law Enforcement Has Suffered Cutbacks

Remember the small Texas town, Alto, that laid off its entire police department? Burglaries skyrocketed within days of the lay offs. This phenomenon isn't limited to just Alto, of course. This grim scenario is repeated in cities and towns all across the nation. As more and more police departments have to make do with fewer and fewer resources, the communities they serve are more vulnerable than ever before.

But it's not hopeless. There is something you can do – take back control of your community. In Your Home, Your Fortress, you'll discover how making your community safer is an important step in making your home and family safer. In the book, you'll discover:

  • How to make your community a difficult place for criminals to operate in
  • 7 cosmetic changes that discourage crime in your neighborhood
  • The 'best practices' model to emulate for creating a community watch program
  • Have the ability to relocate? Discover the best kind of community to live in to weather any crisis.
  • What ancient walled towns and cities teach us about protecting modern Americans

If you and your community successfully put into place the recommendations for Phase 2, you'll have a good chance of stopping the deterioration of community safety in its tracks. But if not, you could be vulnerable to the next frightening phase... when all hell breaks loose.

Phase 3: Breakdowns In Civil Order, Such As Periods Of Rioting And Looting

The nation watched in horror and disgust during Hurricane Katrina as hundreds of people looted stores with impunity, carting away armloads of jewelry and clothing. In tornado-ravaged Alabama and Mississippi in 2011, looters swarmed through damaged and evacuated homes, scooping up valuables and weapons.

And we've seen how quickly protests can turn into riots – as happened in Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt in early 2011, and in London a few months later.

Most riots and looting don't happen without warning... but the problem is, most people don't know what to watch out for. Your Home, Your Fortress reveals the four signs that indicate the danger of rioting is very high—and what you can do to protect your family in such an event. You'll discover:

  • 25 must-have items (and 4 nice-to-have items) to protect your home from rioters and looters
  • How to make your home look so unappealing that looters will pass it by
  • The PACE system for developing safe routes for the places you go to most

"Your Home, Your Fortress reveals the four signs that indicate the danger of riot is very high."

As dangerous as looting and rioting can be—with loss of property and even loss of life—they are typically time-limited events. If you know how to survive them (and this book will show you how), you only have to remain vigilant and defensive for a short period of time. You don't want to miss this part of the book.

But what if things break down into "road warrior" conditions? When you're living under day-to-day conditions that make you and your family extremely vulnerable, with no let-up in sight? What would that look like? That's Phase 4... and it isn't pretty.

Phase 4: The People Who Are Supposed To Protect You...
 Turn On You

Time and again, in peaceful societies around the world, citizens were taken by surprise when the very government that was supposed to protect and serve them ended up stripping them of their rights. It happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany in the 1940's... the people of the Philippines in the 1970's... and the residents of New Orleans, Louisiana, in 2005.

While technically martial law was never declared, civil liberties were suspended throughout the city of New Orleans as National Guard troops moved in. Hundreds of survivors of Katrina are on record with testimonies of how they were violated and left vulnerable by the very people who were supposed to protect them.

One of the first things 'law enforcement' officers did was to confiscate all legally owned firearms from residents... ostensibly to 'protect' them. But of course, it had the opposite effect. Honest folks were then unable to protect themselves from criminals who raped, robbed and looted with impunity.

What about the civil rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution? Didn't that protect the people of New Orleans?


In an emergency, all bets are off... and government officials don't care one little bit about your Constitutional rights.

With The Stroke Of A Pen, Your Constitutional Rights Can Be Stripped Away...
 And You'd Be Helpless To Do Anything About It.

They're called Executive Orders, and they're a way for the government to completely circumvent the law on even the slightest of pretexts. It might be a pandemic... a natural disaster... the 'threat of terrorist activity'... or almost anything else that can be cooked, conjured or devised.

In June of 1994, President Clinton issued Executive Order #12919, which details the many ways in which the government would strip people of their rights during an emergency. But Clinton wasn't really the bad guy in this – the Order was simply a reiteration and consolidation of previous Executive Orders dating back for decades. These Executive Orders are chilling.

Take a look at the disturbing powers that could be granted to the very government that is supposed to protect your rights:

  • Executive Order #10995: Federal seizure of all communications media in the US;
  • Executive Order #10997: Federal seizure of all electric power, fuels, and minerals, public and private;
  • Executive Order #10998: Federal seizure of all food supplies and resources, public and private, and all farms and equipment;
  • Executive Order #10999: Federal seizure of all means of transportation, including cars, trucks, or vehicles of any kind and total control over all highways, seaports and water ways;
  • Executive Order #11000: Federal seizure of American people for work forces under federal supervision, including the splitting up of families if the government so desires;

"Under E.O.#10998, government officials could enter your home and confiscate your food supplies"

  • Executive Order #11001: Federal seizure of all health, education and welfare facilities, both public and private;
  • Executive Order #11002: Empowers the Postmaster General to register every single person in the US;
  • Executive Order #11003: Federal seizure of all airports and aircraft;
  • Executive Order #11004: Federal seizure of all housing and finances and authority to establish forced relocation. Authority to designate areas to be abandoned as "unsafe," establish new locations for populations, relocate communities, build new housing with public funds;
  • Executive Order #11005: Seizure of all railroads, inland waterways and storage facilities, both public and private;
  • Executive Order #11051: Provides FEMA complete authorization to put above orders into effect in times of increased international tension of economic or financial crisis.

Listen up: Living under martial law is no picnic. If you even look at the authorities the wrong way, they can haul you off and lock you up without due process. If they confiscate your food, your weapons, your business assets, and you dare make even a peep of protest, they won't hesitate to use force to "re-educate" you.

History documents that it's almost impossible to live your life when your movements are restricted... when you need papers and permission to do ordinary tasks... when you're presumed guilty unless you can prove your innocence... when you live in an environment of suspicion, corruption, and fear.

And yet, it is possible to survive, and to keep your family safe and together. Your Home, Your Fortress walks you through probable scenarios, and how to respond to each one. If martial law is imposed, this book reveals essential information that would make your life a whole lot safer and easier, such as:

  • How to escape notice and avoid being a target
  • The proper demeanor for dealing with authorities
  • How to hide firearms from criminals
  • How to get your family on board without freaking them out (this alone is worth the price of the book)
  • The special handbook that every family should have
  • The 'Escape and Evasion' cache: how to prepare one, and when to use it
  • Why preparing or fleeing to an 'independent survival homestead' may be the stupidest thing you can do
  • The obstacles that must be overcome to flee to another location in an emergency... and how to evaluate the best course of action
  • The only three conditions under which bugging out makes sense... plus 12 must-have items for a bug-out bag... and 9 emergency supplies to keep in your vehicle.

The bottom line is this:

You can't run away from trouble. In order to weather it, you have to meet it head on with courage—and with the streetwise savvy you'll find in Your Home, Your Fortress.

It seems like each week brings more grim news than the last. There doesn't seem to be any end in sight to our nation's economic woes... and that means every one of us is at risk of being targeted in our own homes by brazen criminals. (What valuable items would you lose if your home were next?) The information in this book can help you protect your home, your valuables, and most of all, your family.

I'm sure you'll agree that $29.95 is a fair price for the vital information that empowers you to do just that. In fact, compare the modest price tag to the hundreds or thousands of dollars you'd pay in deductibles if your home were robbed... not to mention the high cost of medical bills if you were assaulted in your own home.

Bonus: You'll also receive the audio files of this book so you can listen anywhere. Another $29.95 value you'll receive along with the book.

It takes planning to fortify your home and to put your plans into place, which is why you don't want to delay ordering Your Home, Your Fortress another minute. Plus, in the event of an emergency (real or cooked up by the powers that be), this isn't the kind of information that will be easily accessible online. The government doesn't need permission to use an 'internet kill switch' when they have Executive Order #10995, which allows them to seize all modes of communication. That's why you should get this information now, before it's too late. (By the way, you don't need to worry about the government tracking your purchase. The publisher uses military-grade encryption software on all their customer files, and will NOT reveal your information to any third party.)

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